Thursday, April 5, 2007


Using vehicles as mobile offices is becoming more common. Mobile professionals must ensure they have stable work surfaces to use their laptops on and that these vehicle laptop desks can be securely stored when not in use. It's important to remember that using your laptop while driving is advised against. Even passengers should be careful if they are using their mobile gear while the vehicle is in motion.

1) Auto Exec FileMaster Laptop Mobile Car Desk
This auto laptop desk support your laptop but it provides file storage space. The Auto Exec FileMaster has a space designed to hold hanging files while keeping them protected and tidy. The FileMaster laptop car desk has plenty of storage for additional mobile peripherals and supplies. The dimensions of the Auto Exec FileMaster are: 25.5" W x 25" L x 10.5" H when in the open position. In the closed position, the dimensions are: 17" W x 25" L x 10.5" H.

2) Wheelmate
The Wheelmate connects directly to your steering wheel which provides a secure surface to use your laptop on. This vehicle desk is not intended to be used while a vehicle is in operation. The Wheelmate is double-sided, one side is non-skid to hold your laptop in place and the other side is smooth for writing. It can be stored in the storage slots of any of the Auto Exec models.

3) Jotto Desk - Computer Mounts
Jotto Desk offers a variety of computer mounts for any type of vehicle. There are universal mounts which can be used in any vehicle, or computer mounts for specific brands and models of vehicles. Many computer mounts can be easily adjusted so that a passenger can be using a laptop while the vehicle is in use. Vehicle computer mounts create a more ergonomic work environment inside your vehicle. There are also optional accessory holders for your other mobile gear.

4) Rear Seat RAM Laptop Tray
The RAM rear seat laptop tray can easily be attached in any car or truck back seat. It is advised that the rear seat laptop tray should not be used when the vehicle is in motion. It can be folded up to the back of the seat or removed and stored in a safe place. The rear seat laptop tray is height adjustable so you can work comfortably.

5) Telescoping Computer Mounting Bases
This style of laptop desk are quite often seen in utility and law enforcement vehicles. They are height adjustable, have sturdy floor mounts and can be tilted for comfort. As more mobile professionals begin to use their vehicles as offices, secure and sturdy support for their laptops is a must. Havis-Shields telescoping computer mounts are constructed of welded tubular steel and have lifetime warranties. This style works well in limited space.

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