Monday, July 30, 2007


Linutop is a small computer running from a USB key.

Without internal hard drive, linutop is more robust.
It offers a completely silent, low-power operation in an extremely small package.

It comes with a "Plug & Surf" USB key based on Linux for an easy web access.
Linutop is ideal for everyday Internet usage in:

- Libraries, Schools and Universities, Museums...
- Business and Government offices, Factories...
- Hotels, Hospitals, Internet caf├ęs, Living rooms...
Beyond Internet surfing,

Linutop is a developer-friendly platform that can be easily adapted to other uses:
- Public Information Displays, Point-of-Sale Terminal...
- Embedded PC (car, boat, plane)...
Linutop Benefits

Low energy consumption
Low-cost deployment and service

Plug & Surf
Linutop is shipped with a 'Plug and Surf' USB key designed for an easy and reliable Internet access.

Linutop can be used in a waiting room; bedroom, office, factory, ... an always open web access.
The 'Plug and Surf' USB key contains all the necessary software for surfing and chatting.
Nothing to install, just plug the key and surf.
The 'Plug and Surf' USB key cannot be altered by a virus or a mishap.
At each restart you will recover the initial state.
If you master linux, it will be easy for you to create your own distribution or customized version on a USB key or a USB hard drive.

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