Friday, May 2, 2008

Linux mobile wins award

MontaVista's Mobilinux 5.0 Linux distribution for mobile phones won an EDN Magazine
2008 "Innovation Award" under the software category. The award for
"Innovator of the Year," meanwhile, went to Intel's 45nm semiconductor
process technology team.

EDN Innovation Awards honor significant people, products, and
technologies that have shaped the semiconductor industry over the past
year, says EDN. Based on MontaVista Linux Professional Edition,
Mobilinux was released last year in version 5.0, and powers "90 percent of Linux smartphones," according to MontaVista.

In February, MontaVista announced that Mobilinux was a finalist in EDN's software category along with National Instruments Labview 8.5, and Microchip Technology's Graphics Library. Mobilinux also beat out Microsoft's recently renamed Robotics Studio platform, currently available in a free public beta.

Intel's 45nm process innovation team
beat out Innovator of the Year finalists Stream Processors and Linear
Technologies. The 45nm technology, which is used in Intel's new Atom processors, uses new materials that reduce transistor leakage while increasing performance.

Meanwhile, in the development kit category, TI's tiny eZ430-RF2500 ultra-low-power RF development kit, based on a 16-bit microcontroller, edged out the Linux-friendly Xilinx EDK 9.2 and the Altera Nios II kits.

Jim Ready, CTO and founder of MontaVista Software. "We are pleased for
the recognition of the 'innovation' and the 'significant advance' that
Mobilinux 5.0 has delivered to mobile device designers and their


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